Our History

Established in 1838, Ellan Vannin Home is one of the island’s oldest residential homes. Its origins lie in the need to provide shelter for the poor and needy living nearby as there was no general hospital or dispensary, no workhouse or asylum and little poor relief.

To alleviate the suffering the Vicar of St Barnabas’ Church, Dr William Carpenter, formed a fundraising committee to build a House of Industry, Hospital and Dispensary.

Building began in 1835 and when it opened in 1838 it could accommodate up to 80 people, including orphaned children and the mentally ill.

Ellan Vannin Home is now a comfortable, modern residential home providing a safe and friendly environment for people from all parts of the island.

The Home is a registered Manx Charity administered by a Board of Directors who are responsible for ensuring good management.

We don’t receive any government funding and rely on donations, fundraising and legacies to ensure our fees remain affordable for our residents and to facilitate improvements to the Home.

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